Why Quantum Healing?

What is Quantum Healing?

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Quantum literally means “how great” or “how much,” but it actually describes the tiniest discrete unit of the fluid field of consciousness. Our awareness of subatomic waves of light, sound and energy give us the most amazing experience of wholeness, of being totally connected and at-one – atoned – with the whole holy web of life.

Waves of light called photons are quanta, strands of brilliant light, the “strings” of string theory. Sound, energy and all of life also move in waves. When we set an intention, the electron spin and wave function of the quantum waves make a shift. We send reverberations throughout the entire field. When we are aware of this field of wholeness and grateful for it, an essential power is available in our being; there is a profound spiritual empowerment available to all.

From this empowerment, amazing spontaneous blessings happen. Miracles occur. That’s why another description of Quantum Healing is Miracle Physics, part of the subtitle of my forthcoming book, Quantum Leap Creativity: Anxiety, Ecstasy & Miracle Physics. When the German physicist Max Planck, the “Father of Quantum Physics,” chose the Latin word, “quanta” to describe the “small, discrete packets of energy that electromagnetic radiation consists of,” he was looking for a theoretical explanation of how and why objects glow.

Existing as both matter and energy in a wave state, quanta flowing at its optimal frequency can glow, as some saints, yogis and others have done. The entire quantum field is malleable to the thoughts, presence and intention of every one of us.

In Quantum Healing, we align the personal conscious mind with the superconscious Soul and enroll the subconscious mind in participating for the highest good, your Original Gift to the planet. As we access larger fields of intelligence through Meditation, Yoga, Shamanic Journeying, PSYCH-K and Creative Action, we hold a non-dual perspective of reality, experiencing life as a web of interconnected pathways of light, a Loom of Love.

While traditional psychology addresses individual problems and may help to solve issues at one level, Energy Medicine and Transpersonal Therapies like Quantum Healing address the many relationships and at-one-ments that encourage knowing who we really are, loving relationships and creative and spiritual awakenings that lift us to a higher level of consciousness.

What is Past Life Regression?

How to Discover Your Past Life With Past Life Regression

If you suffer from anxiety or other health conditions, you may consider past life regression to help you overcome the symptoms. 

Do you feel like you have unexplained fears that you’re unable to root in the history of the life you’re living?

Do you feel as if you still have unanswered questions — a constant nagging and a sense that, in spite of it all, there’s still something that you’re not quite “getting?” 

Perhaps you even experience anxiety, depression, or physical pain that no one can seem to diagnose? 

If so, then you might be surprised to learn you’re already a candidate for past life regression. If you’re skeptical — or just unsure of what exactly past life regression therapy is — then we encourage you to keep on reading this post. In it, we’ll help you to see the benefits of regression therapy and better understand how it works.

The Benefits of Regression Therapy
  • A Boost to your Mental Health
  • Increased Self Awareness
  • Your Spirituality will Blossom


Understanding how Regression Therapy Works In 4 Steps
  • Step One: The Change in Consciousness
  • Step Two: Uncovering your Past Selves
  • Step Three: Confronting the Past
  • Step Four: Ending the Session

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